I want to help you keep going, love!


Dynamic Speaker

If you need a speaker who is excited to encourage, inspire and leave you feeling hopeful and ready to take on anything life might throw at you, book Kimberly now! She has delivered keynote addresses as a featured speaker for many

conferences, colleges and even a

Florida Highway patrol media event!

Kimberly has also served as the

mistress of ceremony for countless events

and the host of local, regional and

national events such as the

She Has A Deal Hotel Ownership Competition. 



Kimberly has written several books, including her Graceful Guide to Helping a Grieving Friend to provide comfort to bereaved hearts and help the world better grasp the lifelong depth of grief. If you are a widow in the DMV area or know of someone who needs some encouragement while navigating the difficult waters of grief, check out Kimberly's organization, Still His, for more information on her widow brunches and other events.


BUY Widowed, But Not Wounded: The Hustle & Flow of 13 Resilient Black Widowed Women


Grief Gifts

My mission is to provide love and support to those walking the grief walk.

Each of my #StillHis or #StillHers

{LOVE} grief gift boxes is unique.

They are full of items we hope will

bring a smile to its recipient.

Losing your spouse or partner means losing your special person -- the one who thought of you often, made you feel beautiful, and surprised you with those little things that made you smile.

Order one today for an Angelversary, birthday or simply to let someone know

you're thinking of him or her!