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Published Work

Published Work


Graceful Guide to Helping a Grieving Friend

Whether your friend lost a loved one yesterday or years ago, I have proven ideas that can help YOU show how much you care, and help the griever start to heal her or his broken heart. Download my Graceful Guide to Helping a Grieving Friend to provide comfort to bereaved hearts and help the world better grasp the lifelong depth of grief.  



Samosas, Soy Milk
and Sadness

From Wife to Widow: Four Things I Wish I Didn’t Know But You Should
Black and Married with Kids

This story plays a key role in my healing. It's difficult for me to watch because I remember how horrific the summer of 2016 felt. I still feel it in my skin; the first weeks, months after losing my husband. 


The summer after Rasheed died, I traveled to Vrindavan, India  with a wonderful  friend from grad school. I still can't believe she said yes to my crazy idea of grabbing some cameras and going halfway across the world to soothe some of the noise in my heart.


It worked. That trip was the first thing that reminded me of the beauty still left in this world and how much I love telling stories.

While losing a soulmate is never easy, certain things we did in our marriage have helped me immensely through this difficult time. Here are my top FOUR!

Widow To Widow: I Feel Your Pain, Even Though I Wish I Didn't

My dear wister (widow sister), I hate you’ve joined my ranks. Widowhood. The first time they said it to my face I fell apart.

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