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From Loss to Light: Your Path to Healing

If you're widow or widower or facing the loss of a loved one, I'm sorry you're in this club, but know you're not alone and I understand. If you're trying to figure out how to best help a grieving loved one or friend, thank you for your compassion. ​

Through God's grace and mercy, I created

Still His Still Hers to offer goods and services to encourage everyone trudging through this journey we call life.


Our tees promote awareness of the strength, love and grace we can all experience during our darkest moments of grief. The products help tell the world that although you may be facing great hardship and heartache, you are still more amazing than you ever probably imagined.


Our grief gifts, gift boxes and tees are sold in part to raise awareness of the issues those who are widowed face on a daily basis.

I hope you find a bit of hope, joy and love during your time on my site. And don't hesitate to reach out. Grief can be a lonely dark path to walk. You're not alone!

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Our Soul Goal

My mission is to provide love & support to those grieving the deep loss of a loved one or friend.


Still His Still Hers

is a faith-based organization with the

SOUL goal of spreading love!


Find comfort and connection

at our warm and welcoming brunches, webinars and other various events, offered

virtually and in-person.

A part of our mission is to provide love and support to those walking this walk.

A portion of the proceeds will always go toward Faith + {L O V E} Boxes

that Kimberly sends to wisters

(widow sisters).

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Need Inspiration?

Life can be rough. 


When I lost my first husband, Rasheed, in 2016, I felt lost. I couldn't feel life's sunshine and I thought I never would again (and, honestly, didn't want to), but a strange thing began to happen after I got help. I sought counseling, coaching, and everything in between and it all helped me find the new me, which include unexpected opportunities and blessings, such as a chance to experience love again with my Chapter Two, Darian. 


Your next chapter may not include new love, but the new version of you will be pretty amazing. Sometimes you just need a little help. In my newsletter, I share nuggets on how to navigate grief as well as words to encourage anyone going through a difficult time. I know life is full of them! 



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