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Take the Mulligan

Updated: May 7

Like golf, sometimes life gives you a mulligan. That’s essentially a "do-over” or a second try after your first has gone awry.

One year ago today, an old friend accompanied me to a charity golf tournament in my late husband’s honor. I had told all of my girls that I’d be okay & didn’t need them to make the trip to NJ. However, Rasheed’s mom & sis couldn’t make it at the last minute & four days out, I became a wreck.

I did the thing I hate: asked someone for a big favor. Luckily, Darian happily bought a plane ticket from Florida & spent the day with me. Mama Wiggins & my SIL also made it at the last minute!

We laughed. We prayed. We golfed terribly. We cried, and my MIL sat me down & told me it was time for me to consider moving forward.

I spent the day with my in-laws & little did I know, also with the man I would marry nine months later. However, that news would surprise no one more than either one of us! (Honestly!!)

D & I arrived at the country club as friends. Spent those nearly 24 hours together as friends, and left NJ & NYC as *friends*... but that would change by the end of the month.

One year ago today, I was lonely, sad & wrestling with the idea of whether I should try to open up my heart again. Sometimes life’s mulligans work out better than anyone could ever imagine.

Trust God’s timing.

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