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Dancing Back Into Life.

Baby steps.

Or perhaps I should say I’m taking it one split leap at a time.

Dance has always been one of my first loves. Your girl had the highest high kicks on my drill team. Jump splits on the pavement in the Texas heat? No problem. (Then. Clearly, not now.)

I lived, ate & breathed dance in all of its forms until I headed to college. I still loved it, but from afar. I vowed to return a few years ago. In fact, Rasheed tried to do all he could to encourage me to take a class. I felt it was too late. I did not have my 17 year old frame. I might have forgotten most of the positions & formal terms. I had a million excuses.

I was actually set to take my first class in more than 15 years the week after he was killed. Of course that didn’t happen. He dreamed of seeing me do something I loved.

This year, I will.

Not just for him, but for myself.

However, first I needed to practice a few things.


At least I entertained Lola this afternoon. 🐶❤️

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