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Driving Into Trouble

What’s worse than reliving the moment you found out the love of your life was gone? Reliving it during a driver’s improvement class on a Saturday morning.


I got a ticket a few weeks ago. Returning to an area I lived in ten years ago means a lot of the old roads I used to know are now completely different. I made a bad left turn (also known as an illegal turn) into a shopping center… all because I was trying to get a pita for lunch. I didn’t see the sign; I was confused and hungry. I didn’t think anyone else saw my confused action, but boy was I wrong. The officer did, and sure was quick to make me get out of the car and look at the sign. Long story short, I got a ticket, went to court, and was offered the option of taking a driving improvement class to get the offense removed from my record. As much as I didn’t want to do that either, I decided I probably should. It’s not like my schedule is incredibly busy.

So this morning I went.

But you wouldn’t believe what the first video was…

…all about the hidden victims of a traffic fatalities: the families of those who are killed in accidents involving motor vehicles.

Well, that didn’t hit my system well.

My world began spinning, the tears started flowing and I walked out of the room. After explaining the waterworks to the instructor, he was empathetic. He even warned me before another graphic video was shown.

Needless to say it was a difficult eight hours. I couldn’t get that day, April 16th, out of my head. I could barely hear the instructor over my own terrible thoughts which tormented my soul while sitting in that small room.

I managed to pull it together enough to pass the test at the end. But the lesson here is try to anticipate trouble better. C’mon, Kim. That should have been one that I was ready for. Or should it have? This new world is so confusing.

Man. This sticks.

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